Creator's Value


About magazine publication

Promote you and your works on the established magazines with high reputation.

The advantages of becoming the member of Creator's Value are not only being able to use our HP as a platform to present your work alongside successful artists. We will widely promote your artworks by using the pages of Design Note or Illustrator Note magazines, the established art/design magazines that draw attention of professionals.
Members can promote themselves using the page of those magazines annually.

*Using template, members can publish profiles, URL(contact information) of their own HP, or artworks.
*Regular members will be given 1/4 of a page. Premium members will be given 1page annually.
*The sample template below can be different from the actual template. We will contact members when the actual template is confirmed.

Regular members or Premium members

Information Exchange

Being updated and build networks in various industries.

We will organize open/closed events and meetings for the members regularly. These will be the great opportunities to build network among people in the various industries, as well as being updated on vital industry information.

Our support

We will support members when the job offers from clients arrive with no intermediate fee.
You will receive full support from us in English, when you received the offer from international clients.

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