Creator's Value



Name Creator's Value
Content Promoting creator's profiles and artworks on web site as well as magazine publications.
Target Audience Creators (Amateurs, professionals and corporates)
Illustrators, graphic designers, web designers, photographers and cartoonists.
Annual Fees Regular Membership 30,000 yen / per year (excl. tax)
Premium Membership 100,000 yen / per year (excl. tax)
Produced by Seibundo Shinkosha Publishing
Design Note Editors
Illustrator Note Editors
Digital Pictures administration

Project Aims


Personal "My Page" on the Creator's Value website.

Magazine Publication

A Profile and artworks on Design Note or Illustrator Note magazines onse every year.


Notifications on industry information as well as networking opportunities.


Help and support on client communication domestically and internationally.

About the "My Page"

"My Page" format

The "My Page" allows for members to publish their newest artwork and information online.

When artists start a membership with Creator's Value, they are given a personal "My Page". This "My Page" displays profile and selected artworks, as well as hyperlinks to the artist's personal websites.

As the artist is given complete freedom to personalize their "My Page", artists can update their information and artwork when desired.

Both regular and premium members are given a "My Page"

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