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What is Creator's Value?

Creator's Value is a website created by the editors of Design Note and Illustrator Note by Seibundo Shinkosha Publishing, dedicated to supporting and promoting artists. The editors of Design Note and Illustrator Note have introduced artists and creators in their respective publications for over 10 years, but felt that they could encourage and help creators in a more efficient way, expanding beyond Japan, and into the entire world. This project was born out of a desire to support and promote artists, helping them finding clients across the globe.

We will use the personal introductions and artworks inputted by members, to not only help them find clients in Japan, but expand their base internationally.

Who is Creator's Value for?

  • Creators who want to work professionally, but do not know how to find clients.
  • Creators who want to work with clients who fit their professionality and style.
  • Creators who are based in rural Japan who want to expand their base to Tokyo.
  • Creators who want to work with international clients.
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What kind of clients are Creator's Value looking for?

  • Client looking for fresh, new creators.
  • Clients looking for creators who fit their image
  • Clients looking for assertive, hard-working creators.

How does Creator’s Value support artists?

  • We will introduce your work in Design Note or Illustrator Note magazines.
    *Regular members will be given 1/4 of a page. Premium members will be given 1page annually.
  • We will update you on vital industry information, as well as opportunities for networking and meetings.
  • You will have a platform to present your work alongside successful artists.
  • You will receive full support working with international clients

How does Creator's Value promote artists?

When artists begin a membership with Creator's Value, they are given a personal “My Page” which features a profile, selected works as well as hyperlinks to the artist's personal websites. The artist is given full control over the content of their “My Page”, giving them the freedom to update when desired.

Creator's Value not only offers promotion on the website, it also offers promotion via magazine publications. Artists are given space on Design Note and Illustrator Note magazines annually, to help promote members' artworks.
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